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Colleen's Kitchen

"Texas brought us back to Texas."

If you've caught a case of the sniffles or experienced an unexpected season of sickness, it's likely you know the name — and kindness — of Colleen Bolin.

A name now synonymous with soup, Colleen shares how her determination to show up for others was born out of her own journey of finding community.

"When my children were small, I was a desperate mom because I had no community. I knew that I needed help and ended up getting into MOPS, and that was the gateway into Bible study — which was even better."

Surrounded by a small community of women committed to reading God's Word, Colleen began to fall in love.

"The more I read and learned about Jesus, the more I fell in love with Him and wanted to be surrendered to Him."

Ten years later, the Bolin's moved back to their roots, "Texas brought us back to Texas."

Without warning, Colleen's need for community quickly became more apparent than ever.

"Two years after we moved, I had a diagnosis that was potentially life-threatening. It definitely grew me closer to the Lord — I would say it was the most bonding time with Him."
And then, it happened.
Strangers started signing-up.
And one meal at a time, Colleen remembers the shift.

"I had always made meals for people before but not if I didn’t know the person. When I was recovering, strangers signed up — which had never even occurred to me — and I was blown away."

From that moment on Colleen was hooked.

"Ever since then, it doesn’t matter who the person is, I sign up to bring a meal."
And now? What began with strangers showing up has grown into a freezer full of hospitality.
“I like to call it my ‘soup ministry freezer’ — it’s a fun way to have meals ready to share with people who are in need.”


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